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NOBLE and DLA Troop Support Deliver SPEE3D 3D Printers for Ukraine Battlefield Repairs

September 15, 2023
Jasionka, Poland

NOBLE works with DLA Troop Support to provide SPEE3D industrial metal 3D printers to fabricate repair parts for battlefront-damaged equipment in Ukraine

WarpSPEE3D metal 3D Printer arrives at Bryk facility.

On September 15, 2023, Dr. William LaPlant, U.S. Under Secretary of Defense for Procurement and Maintenance, announced the delivery of seven of the world's first large format metal 3D printers to meet maintenance challenges in Ukraine and "[expedite] the restoration of frontline-damaged equipment and unlock fresh possibilities.”

NOBLE worked under contract with DLA Troop Support Europe and Africa to provide procurement and tailored logistics support for this effort. NOBLE EUCOM team members James Lambert, Mike Cerda, and Leila Tulebayeva coordinated the delivery, training location, training, packing, and crating of the equipment for onward movement to Ukraine. 

WarpSPEE3D printer delivered by NOBLE and installed in Bryk facility.
WarpSPEE3D printer delivered by NOBLE and installed in Bryk facility.

NOBLE's EUCOM team worked with Chris Harris, VP of Defense Americas, and Calum Stewart, Director of European Defence Programmes, of SPEE3D, a manufacturer of containerized metal manufacturing systems. SPEE3D produces an additive manufacturing solution for building and repairing metal parts in the field. Engineered for military deployment, the printers can be used in rough terrain or at sea and can produce replacement parts using kinetic energy to bond metal particles.
The SPEE3D printer utilizes patented cold-spray technology and robotics to build full-density, large metal parts in minutes. It can make parts for any vehicle or equipment and produces defense-grade metals such as aluminum 6061 and aluminum bronze. It can rapidly produce critical parts and tools in hours, instead of waiting months for shipments to arrive.


SPEE3D uses supersonic deposition in which a rocket nozzle accelerates air up to three to four times the speed of sound. Injected powders are deposited onto a substrate attached to a six-axis robotic arm. The kinetic energy of the particles causes the powders to bind together to form a high-density part.

Coordination efforts began early this year between NOBLE, SPEE3D, the DLA, the U.S. Army, and the Ukraine to arrange the procurement and delivery of seven SPEE3D metal 3D printers to Jasionka, in southeast Poland, near the border of Ukraine. NOBLE also organized a demonstration of the 3D printers’ capabilities to senior U.S. military maintenance personnel in Jasionka. Delivery of the printers began on August 22nd, and the final printer was delivered on September 1st. Training for Ukrainian maintenance personnel commenced immediately on delivery and concluded on September 15th.

The project was featured in the Eurasian Times and Forbes.


Australian Army soldier installs wheel bearing cover manufactured with WarpSPEE3D during 2021 Koolendong Metal 3D Printing field trials. Military forces can use 3D technology to maximize productivity, strengthen inventory, and quickly generate parts where and when needed.

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