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This acquisition allows Federal Resources to increase their footprint on the Hazmat training arena. Federal Resources is recognized for their new equipment and scenario based training on CBRNE predominant equipment. “HazMatIQ delivers training to key customers at the DoD, Federal, State and Local levels with unprecedented success. We believe that the HazMatIQ curriculum and training methods paired with our current new equipment & operational training offering will revolutionize the market”, said Federal Resources CEO, Robbie McWilliams. The industry known HazMatIQ courses will maintain their same scope and systematic approach of “Chemistry made easy” lessons that thousands of first responders have come to trust and depend on for operational excellence. HazMatIQ will continue to offer, First Responder Offensive, Above the Line/Below the Line, Advanced-IO, Air Monitoring, Tox-Medic sessions as well as customized courses designed for specific equipment and applications. Federal Resources plans to integrate HazMatIQ’s training techniques and educational tools into their existing CBRNE/Hazmat training division. Founders of HazMatIQ Joe Gorman and Cris Aguirre will work within Federal Resources to ensure the quality and course curriculum remains relevant and forward thinking for emerging Hazmat threats. Federal Resources and HazMatIQ are structured with the same core values and both parties are eager to get to work creating the most innovative training curriculum in the industry.

The HazMatIQ system is the creation of firefighters and hazmat technicians, Joe Gorman and Cris Aguirre with a combined experience of 50-years. HazMatIQ systematic approach to chemistry, assisting responders in the selection of the personal protective gear and air monitoring meters to safely mitigate the hazardous situations has proven to decrease response time and save lives.

“HazMatIQ training allowed FDNY personnel to preform the mission safely, competently and tactically effective. This is how the Fire Service has been performing it’s mission for over a century and this is how Hazmat emergency response needs to be conducted going forward. HazMatIQ training provides emergency response personnel the ability to “get the job done” and get it done SAFELY,”
- Chief in Charge, FDNY Haz-Mat Nicholas Del Re

Federal Resources has spent over 20 years striving to “Protect those that protect us all”. We take pride in the expertise we provide to the CBRNE community whether it is support through the procurement process, providing high level training on new equipment and scenario based operations, or offering the Customers the capability to manage and sustain their high value equipment; Federal Resources offers the right solution for every situation. We hold Loyalty and the Relationships built Serving the United States Warfighter and First responders above all else, and our Determination, Integrity and unwavering passion for Quality is what separates Federal Resources from other companies.

For more information on training contact Cara Gorman, Director of Operations at or visit or