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SOE TLS program managed by DLAs Troop Support Construction and Equipment directorate supports a broad range of federal, State and local agencies, state and local governments, military branches and other authorized customers. SOE TLS program provides an efficient contracting mechanism for the execution of needs and requirements. In the event of a major incident or worldwide disaster, this contract is utilized to support contingency and disaster relief operations. The scope of the contract is as follows; “special operational equipment and related supplies and incidental services including, but not limited to: Survival Gear, Tactical Equipment, Eyewear vision Enhancing Equipment, Escalation of Force Equipment, Visit Board Search and Seizure (VBSS), Scuba and other Diving Equipment, Thermal Protection Equipment, Surface Supplied Diving Equipment, Communication Devices, Compressors and Air Purification Systems, Hyperbaric Instrumentation and Equipment, Lifesaving - Search and Rescue Equipment, Air Crew Support and Flight Deck Safety Items, Underwater Tools, Load Carrying Equipment (i.e., vests, backpacks, systems, trunk lockers), Lethality Support Items (i.e., slings, holsters, mobility pad items, straps and fasteners, reflective belts), Survival kits, and Mountain climbing equipment.” The program includes any equipment or training necessary to fully support the military first responder on an international level.

This is the second DLA Troop Support IDIQ contract that Federal Resources has been awarded in the past six months. The award of these two contracts allows Federal Resources to provide the, end-to-end, equipment support and solutions to support the United States war fighters, fire fighters and first responder across the globe. For more information on this contract vehicle or product solutions we provide please visit,