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Federal Resources and Micropore, Inc. offer a new joint effort to support the $5M IDIQ contract and meet Naval Special Warfare’s 21st century requirements.

Stevensville, MD (November 28, 2017) – Naval Special Warfare Command recently awarded a $5M sole-source, five-year contract to Federal Resources, a leading supplier of defense and mission-critical solutions to the U.S. government.

Under the terms of the agreement, Federal Resources, the exclusive distributor for Micropore, Inc. which specializes in the production of CO2 absorbent systems used in rebreathing and life support applications, will supply technology to Naval Special Warfare (NSW) units requiring the purchase of the Micropore ExtendAir® System. Micropore’s products are on the Authorized for Navy Use (ANU) list as the only non-granular CO2 absorbent capable of fulfilling NSW’s requirements. The strategic partnership will extend NSW Commands a simple and efficient procurement vehicle to purchase absorbent cartridges for the MK 25 Rebreather and Aqualung MODE Rebreather, canister kits, associated maintenance parts, and general material.

“With over 50 years of combined experience between Federal Resources and Micropore, this is, indeed, a formidable joint venture poised to deliver a dynamic force multiplier for our valued customer,” says Robert McWilliams, CEO of Federal Resources. “We’re thrilled to expand our partnership with Micropore and offer NSW a strong, collaborative team known for reliability, efficiency, operational excellence, and on-the-ground support across the globe.”

“We are excited to be working with Federal Resources, providing U.S. Special Operations combat divers with an easy to use CO2 absorbent cartridge that reduces mission preparation time, eliminates chemical dusting, and provides superior shock and vibration capability to the warfighter,” says Micropore CEO, Doug McKenna.  “Federal Resources’ team of specialists are reaching the diverse diving community, and their ability to handle federal contracts through budget cycles has added an important advantage to Micropore’s product offering and flexibility to SOCOM. Federal Resources and Micropore make a great team to respond to the diving community’s needs.”

About Federal Resources

Founded in 1986, Federal Resources is a leading provider of quality products and mission-critical solutions that support the U.S. Military, Federal Government, State/Local Responders, and International Markets. Specializing in comprehensive life-cycle sustainment solutions; procurement and acquisition; technical services and asset management; and training expertise, the organization is dedicated to serving its diverse range of well-established and emerging market segments. Federal Resources strives to fulfill and expand upon its mission to ensure end-users are equipped with the most innovative, reliable, and cost-effective products and technologies available on the market.

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About Micropore

Founded in 1997, Micropore Inc., a specialty materials manufacturer, has a unique technology which packages gas adsorbent powders into a more efficient form than previous granular absorbents. Micropore’s process utilizes polymer nanostructures to bind reactive powders together, allowing faster and more complete chemical reactions. Resulting materials are packaged into durable shock resistant cartridges, which dramatically outperform granular absorbents. For the Navy SEAL rebreather diving application, the product reduces diver work of breathing by 15%, and reduces the likelihood of “caustic cocktail” previously caused by water mixing with chemical dusting of granular absorbents. The product loads in seconds and is very resistant to shock and vibration experienced in warfighting conditions. Micropore has factories in Newark, Delaware and Elkton, Maryland.

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