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"We are excited to take this opportunity to pay our respects and remember the warriors who risked everything to ensure our Freedom and way of life," stated Federal Resources CEO Robert McWilliams. "The EOD Warrior Foundation has done so much to help the families of fallen servicemen and women as well as Wounded EOD Warriors, so we couldn’t think of a greater charity to get involved with for the race."

Federal Resources has invited wounded EOD Technician, Staff Sergeant Derek Bowman of Knoxville TN, to join them at the race to represent the EOD Warrior Foundation and to help honor the fallen warriors. SSG Bowman was wounded in action by an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) blast and electrocuted by fallen power lines caused by the blast. The Foundation has helped SSG Bowman and his family with medical fees and emotional stress caused by the blast by connecting them with other Wounded EOD Warriors.

"EOD Warrior Foundation has provided resources and services to me and my family, and took us right under their wings when we needed it most," says SSG Bowman. "They have given us HOPE."

"EOD Warrior Foundation has provided resources and services to me and my family... They have given us HOPE."

Striving to help reduce the number of warriors killed in action, Federal Resources launched a new training program called Home-Made Explosives IQ, or HME IQ, to educate not only military students, but State and Local Law Enforcement and Fire Department students to help understand the proper response to HME threats. Instructed by retired United States Marine Corp EOD personnel, students can expect to learn street smart strategies and tactics not illustrated in books.

McWilliams says, "The threat of home-made explosives has risen greatly in the US, and we feel HME IQ is a great stepping stone in educating responders."

"Federal Resources wants people to remember why we do what we do, and those 306 names on the car is a big reason. Our goal is to help train warriors using proper equipment, techniques and manpower so they can succeed in their mission and return safely to their families."

Information on the HME IQ course can be found here.