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Join experts from various industries in over a dozen breakout sessions designed to enhance your skills and knowledge in crucial areas. At NOBLE's exclusive TR/EX training sessions, military, fire, law enforcement, and federal agencies will come together to address current and emerging threats.


Date: February 21-22

Venue: Riverview Conference Center, Gaylord National Harbor Resort & Convention Center, National Harbor, MD

Time: 0800-1700

In addition to millions of products from over 15,000 suppliers, NOBLE provides exceptional customer support and training. Our training programs utilize the latest equipment and techniques to ensure your safety and efficiency in the field.

TR/EX Training Sessions

At TR/EX, you can explore our diverse training tracks covering critical topics. Renowned instructors and industry experts deliver these sessions.

The Importance of Communications in Response

Master the art of effective communication in high-stress emergency response situations. Learn how precision and efficacy in communication impact coordination, decision-making, and overall crisis management.

BatteryIQ: Awareness & Operational Response

Understand, identify, and respond to lithium-ion battery incidents. Gain insights into categorizing emergencies, potential hazards, and correct response tactics in various scenarios.

Above the Line/Below the Line

Simplify the complex world of hazardous materials with this foundational course. Efficiently size up any chemical, determine hazards, and identify required PPE for street-level responders.

Radiological Dispersal Device TTX

Engage in a tabletop exercise simulating a radiological incident. Evaluate response capabilities, decision-making processes, and communication strategies for a radiological threat.


Respond to biological agents, white powders, and unknowns with risk-based tactics. Utilize the Biological Response Guide for effective and safe response to potential biological threats.

Active Shooter TTX

Immerse yourself in a simulated active shooter scenario. Enhance your understanding and response capabilities through realistic discussions, scenarios, and decision-making processes.

Air Monitoring & Detection

Master the use of detection and monitoring equipment for All-Hazards Response. Gain hands-on experience with various instruments in a simulated response tabletop.

BatteryIQ: Patrol Response

Empower law enforcement with the skills to respond to battery-related incidents. Focus on quick, effective, and safe responses based on battery type and incident severity.

What's the White Powder?

Participate in a tabletop exercise simulating the discovery of an unknown white powder. Emphasize swift and coordinated responses to mitigate potential risks effectively.

Advanced Decon

Learn the science-based Decon IQ system for rapid decontamination action plans. Identify appropriate PPE, strategies, and effective agents to validate and confirm decon efforts.

RAE Technician Certification

Intensive hands-on training for end-users of Area Rae and Multi-Rae family Instruments. Gain expertise in setup, configuration, diagnostics, calibration, and instrument troubleshooting.

Meet Our Instructors:

Our distinguished instructors have extensive real-world experience.

  • Ed Ericson (ARMOR Unit, Las Vegas Metro Police Dept.)
  • Mike Cashman (Senior Trainer, DEA)
  • Brett Bigger (HazMat Team Leader, Renton Fire Dept.)
  • Cris Aguirre (Co-founder of HazMatIQ, Miami Dade Fire and Rescue)
  • Tommy Mathisen (U.S. Army, White House CBRNE Team)
  • Troy Arthur (Phoenix Fire Department, FEMA Urban Search and Rescue Team)

Take advantage of this opportunity to learn from the best in the industry and enhance your skills!

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