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Introducing the TACOPS® Officer First Aid Kit, TSSi’s newest TACOPS® product designed specifically for officers treating multiple causalities having life threatening injuries from a single kit. The OFAK was originally designed for a large southern California law enforcement agency.
The removable belt attachment, with tourniquet pouch, is intended to remain affixed to a duty belt at all times. The main pouch features a leg strap for secure carrying and connects directly to the belt attachment in mere seconds.
Our original design incorporates standard contents including:
o   Tourniquets (2)
o   QuikClot Combat Gauze LE Z-Fold
o   Compression Bandage 4”
o   Compression Bandage 6”
o   Compressed Kerlix Gauze 4.5" x 4yds
o   Chest Seals (2)
o   Nasopharyngeal Airways with lube
o   Trauma Shears 7 1/4" 
o   Nitrile Gloves
o   Blue Sharpie Marker
As with all of our TACOPS® products, custom load outs can be designed specifically for your agency’s needs. Also, depending upon the quantities desired, the TACOPS® OFAK can be ordered with user-designed custom embroidery. Please contact our sales team to start your quote today! or (540) 434-8974.
*Background image by Elne via Flickr, Edited by TSSi