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Deer season has just begun here in Virginia with many other hunting seasons in tow. Though TSSi specializes in tactical equipment, we’ve been working hard to expand our retail website to include more field living and hunting products as requested by popular demand.
Protect your position at the top of the food chain with supplies from TSSi! We carry an assortment of hunting gear from well-known, quality vendors perfect for any huntsman’s arsenal.

Apparel & Accessories – It’s all about the CAMO! We have different styles of pants and jackets in all types of camo combinations to suit any terrain. We also offer clothing and accessories specialized for all weather conditions – cold, wet, or any other environment you plan to hunt in, you can rest assured that you will be comfortable and protected.
Firearm Parts & Supplies – Upgrade your gun for a fresh start this season. Scopes, cheek pads, and other quality firearm parts are available to fit any shotgun or rifle. We also have a variety of gun cleaning kits to keep your firearm functioning properly year after year.
Knives & Tools – Be ready to tackle dirty work in the field. We offer a variety of knives specifically designed for skinning and prepping game in the field. There’s also tons of utility knives available that are lightweight and work fantastic for smaller jobs.
Lights – Don’t spook your game by stumbling through the woods in the dark. You don’t always have a free hand so a rail mount light or headlamp are perfect light options for dawn or dusk hunting. Not to mention the added safety from having a light on you and/or your firearm when visibility becomes limited.
Ammo and Gun Cases – Keep your ammo and firearms stored properly; you don’t want either malfunctioning while in the field. We carry a variety of soft and hard gun cases that can securely store your rifle and/or shotgun. Keep ammo sealed from the elements in hard cases which offer durability, organization, and easy carry.
Find all of our favorite hunting gear and more at and follow us on Pinterest for inspiring ideas and easy ways to use our favorite products!