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The first annual NOBLE Range Day Expo (RD/EX) took place on Thursday, June 15, 2023, at The Crucible in Fredericksburg, Virginia. This one-of-a-kind NOBLE experience brought together the best vendor partners for a day of hands-on product demos, live product application scenarios, and new product discovery for our customers.

RD/EX also offered an incredible opportunity for NOBLE customers to meet face-to-face with vendor partner representatives to gain in-depth knowledge about different products across the C5ISR, CBRNe, Expeditionary, MRO, and Tactical markets.

As part of the inaugural event, we were pleased to welcome over 70 vendor partners as exhibitors. Spanning multiple market categories, these vendor partners highlight the partnerships and capabilities NOBLE has to offer our customers.

Event attendees were able to interact with our exhibiting vendor partners through three different experiences:

  • Exhibitor Showcase
  • Training experiences and scenario-driven demonstrations
  • Live-fire, hands-on range demonstrations

Additionally, our NOBLE sales team members were available on-site to assist attendees with current and future requirements in concert with the attending vendor representatives.

The RD/EX exhibitor showcase provided attendees with a detailed look and one-on-one interaction with our 70 exhibiting partners’ products and services. Exhibiting vendor partners included: INVISIO, HighCom Armor, SinterFire, Wilcox Industries, 3M Peltor, SureWerx, ZUMRO, Solar Stik, Salomon, Daniel Defense, Alaska Defense, StreetSmarts VR, and Teledyne FLIR Defense.

View our full list of exhibiting vendor partners here.


A unique aspect of RD/EX is our ability to host hands-on training opportunities for attendees in partnership with our vendor partners. The RD/EX schedule included two demonstrations of note where vendor partner products were demonstrated using real-life scenarios. 

The NOBLE C5ISR and CBRNE market teams collaborated to connect the capabilities of C5ISR vendors with CBRNE technology and techniques to locate a simulated chemical agent lab. This joint exercise highlighted how these two product categories can be leveraged for a positive outcome in this type of scenario.

Another popular scenario-driven demonstration was led by First Line Tactical and the NOBLE Training Team at Range 3. Chris Waier, a member of the NOBLE Training team, successfully coordinated with First Line Tactical, an exhibiting vendor, to showcase their decon solutions through a live demonstration. This demo ensured event attendees had the opportunity to witness the effective utilization of First Line Tactical's products in action. As part of the demonstration, First Line Tactical employees were sent through a decon line, concluding with a suit cut-out. In addition to First Line Tactical’s demonstration, the NOBLE training booth on Range 3 showcased various CBRNe equipment, including a live demonstration of SEER Technology, Inc.'s AccuSense.


The biggest draw of attendance at any range event is the ability for our customers to participate in interactive, live-fire product demonstrations. 

This year, we were pleased to partner with INVISIO to make the NOBLE RD/EX event truly spectacular. In addition to their display in the exhibitor showcase, INVISIO had a great presence on the range for live-fire product demonstrations. As described by Darren Wolfe, NOBLE Federal Account Representative, INVISIO’s on-range demonstration was “outstanding.” “My customer demo’d the V50 Gen II PTT with the X5 In-Ear Headset and was thoroughly impressed by the functionality, flexibility, and sound quality. There was definitely a ‘wow’ factor,” he explained.


Not only was RD/EX a fantastic opportunity to interact with vendor partners Jenny Barley explained, “I met in person for the first time a customer I've been working with for a few months at RD/EX. We attended the First Line Demo which led to a conversation with our training team who was right there at their booth. I also walked around with a customer I have known for a long time there.” In addition, Jenny met new customers during the event and utilized the opportunity to introduce them to NOBLE's capabilities, effectively highlighting our company’s mission to drive mission success with world-class products, logistics, services, and training through accelerated procurement.

RD/EX 2024
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