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Q. What are NOBLE'S primary markets?

A. NOBLE'S primary markets are Aerospace, C5ISR, CBRNE, Expeditionary, Medical, MRO, and Tactical.

Q.  Who will I be working with?

A. You'll work with many of the same faces that you've come to know over the years. If anything, your access to our team will increase with a larger footprint and areas of responsibility!

Q. Who should I expect a purchase order from?

A. With Federal Resources, TSSi, and NOBLE combined into one legal entity, all POs will come from Noble Supply and Logistics (legal entity name).

Q. How many sales team members are available?

A. Over 130 strong! With inside sales reps, market-focused teams, and a regional team we're confident that our organization will provide the input and support you need for all of your essential and non-essential mission requirements.

Q. Where do I send an invoice or bill?

A. Email all vendor bills and credit card purchase receipts to
Email payment status requests or account statements to 
For Non-PO related vendor bills, please submit to

Q. What is the billing address?

A. Our bill to/remit to address for physical mail is:
Noble Supply & Logistics
177 Huntington Ave Ste 1703
PMB 86096
Boston, Massachusetts 02115-3153 US
Please DO NOT ship goods to this address.

Q. Will our headquarters or any locations change?

A. We do not expect major location changes. NOBLE will continue to be headquartered in the Boston area. We intend to maintain a significant presence in Stevensville, Maryland, where Federal Resources has its headquarters, Lexington, Kentucky, and Harrisonburg, Virginia, TSSi’s home.