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Posted on September 1, 2017


Electrostatic sprayers add a charge to the decon solution to induce static cling and electrostatic wrapping. Each charged droplet of decon solution is attracted to the target but repels each other. Droplets cannot land on each other and are forced to spread out evenly away from each other (think of magnets pushing away from each other). The result is the decon solution “wraps” around the target until it finds an unoccupied place to “land.” Operationally, this results in improved coverage of the decon solution.

In the below photos, two bands of Watesmo paper were wrapped around SCBA cylinders to indicate where water was landing on the cylinders. A single pass of a conventional sprayer was compared to a single pass of the Victory MG200 electrostatic sprayer. Both were sprayed along the midline of the SCBA bottle (indicated by the yellow line in photos).