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Sid Sidebotham, Noble’s Global Head of Sales, announced on April 27, 2022, that Federal Resources, a Noble company, has been awarded a $70M, 5-year contract to provide Solar Stik portable power equipment to customers under the Heavy Equipment Procurement Program administered by DLA Troop Support Construction & Equipment. The Heavy Equipment Procurement Program (HEPP) facilitates purchases of a variety of heavy equipment commercially available through many major suppliers. The equipment provided under this program includes construction equipment, agricultural equipment, cranes, trucks, trailers, sweepers, scrubbers, firefighting, rescue vehicles, and other equipment. 


Solar Stik is a Woman-Owned Small Business in an SBA-certified HUB Zone. The company designs, manufactures, deploys, and supports mobile power systems for austere applications. These solutions ensure critical loads have clean, reliable power up to 15 kW, and reduce or eliminate the common logistical burdens associated with providing power in remote locations. In the field, these outcomes aim at migrating risk, increasing operational reach, and saving lives. 


Federal Resources’ new agreement includes 13 Solar Stik products that FR submitted into the HEPP’s portable power section, including the items below and additional accessories.

  • Desert Tan 24VDC Solar Stik 400
  • 24VDC Wind Stik 160
  • 24VDC PRO-Verter 3000-120 ABA2
  • 24VDC PRO-Verter 5000-120 ABA2
  • 24VDC PRO-Verter 5000-240 BEE1
  • 24VDC PRO-Verter 7000-120 BCE2
  • 24VDC PRO-Verter 7000-120 GCE2
  • 24VDC POWER HUB 2400
  • 24VDC Power Pak 1000
  • 24VDC Expander Pak 1000
  • 24VDC Li EXPANDER PAK 2400
  • BMS Reader and Recovery Kit
  • Li 2400 Battery Service Kit

DLA’s global customers will receive guaranteed discount pricing for these items under the contract, with additional discounts for larger volume equipment purchases. DLA will perform onboarding and off-ramping through the contract.

Awardees under the HEPP Program are typically direct manufacturers, although DLA allows a distributor or deal to list an item if the manufacturer supports them.  Federal Resources’ expert care with supplier relationships and the value-added services provided by the FR Team enable contracting opportunities such as this one, creating a winning synergy for all - DLA/end-user/manufacturer and Noble. 

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Noble Supply & Logistics and its subsidiaries, TSSi and Federal Resources, are global providers of supply chain management, logistics, mission support, and technology/e-commerce solutions for the U.S. military, federal, state, and local governments. The company's corporate footprint includes operation centers, distribution centers, and consolidation points positioned to expedite delivery and enhance product availability.
In addition to distributing 13,000 manufacturer brands, Noble offers specialized technical equipment and training services for customers with Aerospace, C5ISR, CBRNe, EOD, Expeditionary, Fire & Emergency Services, Medical/Fitness, MRO, and Tactical requirements. Noble reduces the cost of readiness while maintaining the ability to respond to today's challenges rapidly.