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We had the privilege of sitting down with Neil Senatro, the Director of Capture at NOBLE, who recently received the inaugural NOBLE Value Award in Innovation. This honor recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions in driving innovation within the company. In our conversation, Neil shared his thoughts on winning the award, his background before joining NOBLE, and how his past experiences have shaped his current role. Let's delve into the details of this insightful interview.

Q: What is your current title at NOBLE, and how long have you been in this role? 
A: I’ve been in the role of Director of Capture for two years.

Q: Congratulations on winning the NOBLE Innovation Award! Can you describe how you felt when you learned you won this award? 
A: To say I was very surprised would be an understatement. I was shocked and humbled. Over the past three years of working as part of the NOBLE Team, and especially with the integration of three companies into one, I’ve seen many innovations from my co-workers throughout the company. They have helped improve current processes and develop new processes, all the while continuing to keep the daily operations moving forward. I don’t feel like I did any more than most other people at NOBLE throughout the past year to help my team and the company, and it was just to be considered among the other nominees in this category.

Q: Can you please describe your background before joining NOBLE?
A: I retired from the U.S. Navy as a Senior Chief Petty Officer, with a career in support of various Navy and Joint Service intelligence organizations, as well as a total of eight years in the Defense Courier Service. Following that career, I spent six years in management for a local McDonald’s franchisee where I learned what a P&L Statement was, among other things. My career with TSSi began as a Warehouse Associate. I’ve since held positions as Purchasing Manager, GSA Contract Administrator, and Director of Business Services. I also completed my bachelor’s degree in Management and Organizational Development while at TSSi.

Q: How has your past experience contributed to what you do now at NOBLE? 
A: All of my past experiences – military, business, and educational – have helped me in my current position at NOBLE. I’ve learned from successes and failures, both mine and others, and constantly try to look for ways to improve my and my team’s performance.

Q: Based on your award category, Innovation, how does it connect to what you do day-to-day? 
A: Establishing a completely new position and the associated processes at NOBLE has been a learning experience and a challenge. I was able to use previous experience as well as knowledge from a professional organization that I belong to as a starting point. To establish new internal processes, I started with some business development processes that [the legacy companies of] Federal Resources and TSSi had established, and worked with [NOBLE Competitive Intelligence Analyst] Jason Griffey and my boss, Barbara Tyrell, to refine these processes. With feedback from our internal customers, we’ve been able to make improvements over the past two years and plan to continue improving the support we provide the Market Teams, Sales Team, and our own Capture and Proposal Team.

Neil Senatro's journey from a distinguished military career to his role at NOBLE as the Director of Capture exemplifies the power of diverse experiences. His recent distinction as the recipient of the NOBLE Innovation Award highlights his dedication to driving innovation within our company. With his extensive background and commitment to continuous improvement, Neil continues to make significant contributions to NOBLE's success. We congratulate Neil on his well-deserved recognition and look forward to witnessing his future accomplishments as he leads the way in fostering innovation at NOBLE.