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Updated 8/29/2016: Available in Coyote for a limited time! Request a quote or Contact our team today!

TSSi's newest product is the TACOPS® Tactical EMS (TEMS) Bag. This bag provides for individual emergency response to multi-casualty situations. Designed to be worn diagonally over the shoulder or as a fanny pack, the bag can be easily accessed and then rotated behind the wearer to get it out of the way. External features include PALS webbing across the front, a glove pouch on top, a large pouch for chest seals on the back, and straps to hold two pole-less litters on the bottom.

Inside the lid are elastic loops for decompression needles, airways and markers.  The main pouch in our pictured TEMS bag is securely holding 10 compression bandages, 4 tourniquets, 6 packages of compressed gauze, and 4 hemostatic agents. The bag can be purchased empty or with any user-specified load out.

Please contact Tom Little if interested in customizing the TACOPS® Tactical EMS (TEMS) Bag for your agency!

For over 35 years, TSSi has provided solutions for law enforcement agencies worldwide. Now more than ever, active response teams and law enforcement need our help when responding to the call. TSSi's unmatched product development and kitting capabilities have served thousands in the force. We continue to work tirelessly to develop products to aid our nation's heroes in active response, breaching, medical treatment, and so much more. When every second matters, choose a reliable kit that will get the job done. Choose TACOPS®

Check out our full TACOPS® active response line designed to deploy quickly and support your mission in hostile situations. As with all of our TACOPS® products, each kit is customizable to fit individual agencies' needs and preferences. Please contact us to design your kit or to request a quote.

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