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The NOBLE training team continued its support of CBP and US Border Patrol security missions along the Southwest border with two 16-hour Gemini training sessions conducted at the El Centro Sector HQs in the Imperial Valley of California last week.

A total of 48 CBP  Officers and USBP Agents assigned to the CBP Calexico POE and El Centro BP Sector received user certification training on the Gemini Analyzer and the Rapid Response BTNX Fentanyl trace detection strips.

The Gemini user certification included training on the Gemini Screener-Low Dose functions which enable the Gemini to detect fentanyl and other high-priority illegal drugs at low doses beyond the capability of standard Gemini detection limits. Detection and interdiction of these illegal substances at the US border before they hit the streets of our towns and cities is the most effective way to reduce the harm and death they cause. The officers and agents of CBP and US Border Patrol are on the front lines of that effort.

The upgraded ThermoFisher Gemini with LowDose ID and the BTNX fentanyl trace detection strips are but two of several tools that CBP, USBP, and other DHS agencies utilize in their drug detection and interdiction mission.

It is a privilege to support these men and women in their continuing war on the criminal organizations and groups that smuggle these evil substances into the US by providing them with quality and realistic training in these and other detection tools and devices.