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This past week, October 8-14, 2023, our NOBLE trainers were all over the United States of America, coast-to-coast, and well beyond the coasts!  We delivered training in California, Idaho, Indiana, Ohio, New Jersey, and a special journey to Nome, Alaska.

On Saturday, October 14, the Nome Alaska Volunteer Fire Department hosted our 4-hour First Responder Offensive (FRO) and 4-hour First Responder Air Monitoring (FRO AM) programs.  In addition to members of the Nome Fire Department, response personnel from across the region, including some that had to fly into Nome to attend.

Our FRO program is designed for those arriving first on the scene of a hazardous materials incident; the Firefighter, the EMT/Paramedic, or a Law Enforcement Officer who is not a Hazardous Materials Technician.  Each person attending receives our brand new FRO booklet, sized the same as the Emergency Response Guidebook (5.5" x 7.5").  Information covered in the program, along with the booklet, provides a systematic approach for those arriving first on the scene of a hazardous materials incident.  We cover actions Operations Level Responders can take, including if they are faced with someone who is exposed or contaminated and needs assistance.

The FRO AM program covers in more detail the instruments and detection papers utilized in the FRO program.  Our FRO AM covers the "what the readings of the instruments and papers mean," actions that can be taken to increase the safety of the responder and those affected, including when to back out; or, as the cover of the booklet says, "GET OUT." Like many of our programs, grant funding can be utilized to bring the FRO and FRO AM 4-hour deliveries to you.

Please contact Cara Vaughn,, for more information on this or any of our other courses, or fill out our Host a Course Request Form.

Thank you to the Nome Volunteer Fire Department for hosting the class and to everyone who was with us on Saturday!